TweetBest shows you the most interesting tweets at the top of your timeline.

Tired of reading what your friends had for dinner? Still care about the important events in their life? We had the same problem and came out with TweetBest. You can train TweetBest to both filter the "I don't care" tweets and order your timeline, so you can read the most interesting posts first.

What makes it Best

Mark Tweets

Slide tweets you love to the left to mark them as Good. Slide tweets you don't care about to the right to mark as Bad.

Smart Timeline

Smart timeline is ordered according to similarity with the tweets you previously marked as Good or Bad. It can also remove Spam (see Settings)

Timeline Mode

You can switch timeline mode between Smart, Chronologic and Bad/Spam with a single tap.

Marked Tweets Strength and Count

You can review your marked tweets at any time. The learning strength bar count is based on the total count of marked tweets. Please note, good results are expected when you have 2 or 3 bars filled.

...And Some Extras

Awesome Image Editor

Support for filters, adding text, free drawing, cropping, rotation, red eye correction, brightness and contrast adjustment and more!

Readability™ Support

While you're viewing web pages you can switch to Readability mode and back. Readability turns any web page into a clean view for reading.

Tweet with Custom Location

You can add location to tweets using address search. This is great for event announces, or for showing where you have been or plan to be.


How does marking tweets work

The method used is an extension of advanced algorithms used in email spam filters. However we also have marking tweets as good, which increased the chance similar tweets to appear higher in Smart timeline. After you mark a tweet, we use content and author name to update grades of similar content. Currently all the data is stored on the local device. This might be extended to the cloud and from there to all your devices if enough users request that feature.

How it decides which tweets are best for me

Analysis is based on rating each tweet's content and author against your previous marked tweets.

How many tweets should I mark for good results

Our experience shows you should get good results after marking around 20 tweets. However there are cases when this might not be enough. If your timeline contains too many different topics or more than one language you might need to double that number. In any case the more tweets you mark the more exact it becomes.

Why Smart timeline is limited and becomes Normal timeline after that limit

Imagine you love tweets about paintings and mark all of them you like as good. At some point a tweet or tweets about paintings will become so highly rated that it still got on top of Smart timeline days after you read it! To avoid that we limit the Smart timeline capacity and after that limit it becomes Normal timeline which is standard Twitter chronologically ordered timeline

You have several options how to limit Smart timeline: Only new, By time, By tweet count. You can easily switch between those limit modes from Settings > Smart timeline size

I often mark tweets by mistake while scrolling. How to avoid that

Go to Settings and turn ON Double tap to unlock slide. While this setting is ON sliding tweets is disabled. To enable it you need to double tap on a tweet. You'll hear a ding sound (unless you have disabled sounds). After that you can slide the tweet. The tweet is locked again as soon as it's not visible, either because of scrolling or because you went to another screen.

How to turn off the timeline sliding animations

This animation is there to remind you to mark tweets. The best way to stop it, is to mark 20+ tweets and achieve 2 bars in Marked tweets meter. However you can also Turn OFF Settings > Show usage hints

Are there any cool features that are not easy to spot, but I should know about

  • When you see a thin green line left of the tweet's avatar, this means the tweet is new and came during the last refresh.
  • Sliding works not only with tweets, but also with user lists. When you search for users and get such a list you can slide a user to follow or stop following him/her.
  • If you see a check mark on the upper left corner of user's avatar in user list, this means you are following that person.